BLSA & Brookville Lake


Come sail away with us.

Brookville Lake Sailing Association is a fun-loving group of sailors from all over the Tri-State area. Sailing is our passion. We sail on the best sailing lake in the area, and our home base is in the best sailboats-only marina facility available. Our members sail the widest variety of boats imaginable, from small sailing dinghies to large, comfortable cruising sailboats. Above all, we’re not a “snotty yachty” organization…we’re a family-oriented group who love to sail, love sailboats and enjoy the camaraderie of others who feel the same way.


We offer sailing fun for all levels of ability and interest. If you’re a novice, we have experienced veterans who can help you build your skills. If you’re an expert, you’ll find lots of equally skilled company. If you just want to have sailing fun, we can contribute there also.

We enjoy a close relationship with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, and present an organized voice on issues related to sailing and sailing boats on Brookville Lake. We’re also members in good standing of the United States Sailing Association.

Hanna Creek Docks and Launch

Brookville Lake is located in Franklin and Union Counties in southeastern Indiana.  Built by the US Army Corps of Engineers as a flood control lake, it is operated and managed by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.  There are 4 marinas on the lake.  Kent’s Harbor and Quakertown are privately run.
Fairfield  Marina is operated by the DNR.  Hanna Creek, also operated by the DNR, is the lake’s key sailing facility.  It is the venue for most of the
BLSA’s social events.

Membership in BLSA is a pleasant and fun way to increase enjoyment of your sailboat on the best sailing lake in the Tri-State area. Our members will welcome you and your family into BLSA, and you’ll build friendships that will prosper outside the world of sailing.

We invite you to join BLSA now, for this sailing season and for many more to follow.

Links to Current Lake Conditions:  

Wind Mapper

Area Lake Water Levels

Note: Clearance at Summer Pool (748 ft) is 28ft for the Fairfield Causeway bridge. Markers on the piers of the bridge indicate clearance in feet above water level.

Indiana Department of Natural Resources:

The Indiana DNR maintains a Brookville Lake information page here